1. Go for a walk — A quick 15 minute walk outside is exactly what you need when you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated. Grab your dog, your kid, a friend or head out on your own for a little fresh air and some movement. While out and about, take notice of the sounds, smells, and sights around you. Try noticing the little things, the lizard that scurried across the path, the birds singing in the trees ahead, or the scent of the blooming flowers. Engaging your senses helps you clear your mind from the to-do’s of the day and helps you live in the here and the now.
  2. Sit in silence — With the highly stimulating world we live in, it is important to take time to go within and listen to the quiet voice that lives within us all. Sit for 2-5 minutes in silence. Let your thoughts come and go without judgement or control. Focus on your breath as you listen to your thoughts.
  3. Practice being fully present— Whether you are listening to a podcast, playing with your child, or having a conversation with a friend, choose to fully engage your mind in ONLY that single activity. Listen fully to the words of the speaker, child, friend. Take notice of their tone, their expressions, the feelings arising within yourself. This practice helps to improve your memory of the experience.
  4. Smile at a stranger— Demonstrate kindness. The smile you share may be the only form of love someone receives that day. A smile will also help to improve your own mood. It will help evoke feelings of happiness. Just give it a try now and see how you feel!
  5. Learn something new— Listen to a podcast, read a blog post or a section from that pile of books you’ve been meaning to get to. Spend 10 minutes fully engaging in the practice of learning. Filling your mind with new ideas helps spark inspiration and personal growth.