An action-oriented program designed to help you stay on track while completing your next Big thing! 

8 Weeks of Accountability & Personalized 1-on-1 Guidance to Help You Create Measurable Progress on Your Goal Even if you are limited on time, or feel like you can't afford to go after your next big thing. 

8 Weeks of Action

8 Weeks, 1 Goal: Let’s Do This! 

Let’s Take On One Goal in 8 Weeks & Make It Happen!

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This is the only program where I provide 1-on-1 Support & it ONLY opens up 4 times a year!! 

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How It Works

 We Start w/ Our Goal Game-plan Call (1 hr.)
-We’ll Identify Your Goal 
-Break it down & sort the pieces 
-Find Step 1 & Commit to Your Weekly Focus

First This

Weekly Chat’s (20 mins.) 

-Reflect on little wins
-Celebrate Progress
-Determine Next Step &
Commit to Your Weekly Focus

Then this

-Daily Habit Sharing App
(to keep up between calls) 
-Morning Vision Visualization (5 min. audio) 
-Night time Gratitude Meditation (11 mins.) 
- Daily Planner (PDF) & More 

receive these goodies too

"I feel that I've grown up so much in the last 8 weeks! The way I see my plans and goals has changed. I learned that I am capable of implementing healthy habits."

"I learned I'm capable of a lot more than I thought I was. I finished editing my first book, created a marketing plan, and completed my first podcast interview."

— Caroline

— brianna

What Q1 students are saying about this program:

If you’re tired of feeling like you never really “finish” anything. . . I encourage you to explore another way. Please, consider this for a moment, what would happen if you changed a few of the stories you have about yourself as to why you can or can’t do certain things. 

What if you felt like you had someone in your corner, helping you through the hard days and encouraging you to have faith in yourself. 

How would you feel if you knew in 8 weeks you wrote a book, launched a service, or gained a new skill? 

What does your life look like if you stay on the path you’re on for the next 8 weeks? Are you satisfied with what you are currently doing? 

Who do you want to be when you see yourself in the mirror? Do you want to see your reflection and say, "hey, you super cool, action taker, change maker, service creator, you are awesome!" 

Well then. . . you’ve come to the right place!

I'll show you how to be intentional with your time & choose the next right step. 

Let's take a closer look at what You can accomplish in 8-Weeks. . . 

1. We’re Afraid of Being “on the hook”, of making a promise and taking responsibility for the work required to reach our goal

2. We take on too much too fast and burn out before we reach the finish line

3. We get hung up too long in “planning” or “learning” mode and suffer from information overload and overwhelm 

4. We are easily distracted by other demands (work, home, family) 

5. We give in to excuses when things get tough or we don’t see “results” right away

6. We have trouble asking for & accepting the help we need 

As if it weren’t enough, many of us, myself included struggle with Both: 

The Fear of Failure & The Fear of Success

Let’s Dig Deep Into Why It’s Hard to Take Action Without Help

Don’t worry, I’ve Got Your Back. 

Start off on the right track with the beliefs, habits, and systems you'll need for long-term success. Find accountability and friendship as you accomplish your next Big thing. We don't waste any time. We'll jump into action after our first call. 

Getting started and staying committed to our goals is really hard to do without a little bit of guidance. 

I used to be drawn to buy the online courses with virtual communities and an excess of "bonuses" but the truth is. . . when it comes to taking action: Less is More. 

The Key to this Program is: Simplicity 
→ I'm really good at keepin’ things simple :)

I created this program so I can be right by your side, cheering you on and guiding you through the ups and downs of becoming a big, bold, action taker! 

As a busy mom to two wild littles, I'll show you:
doing big things doesn't have to require a ton of time.

guess what. . .

At the end of 8-Weeks you'll be so damn proud of what you have created.
Come with a goal, leave with an accomplishment. You'll learn how to use meditation and visualization to develop your daily plan of action. I'll show you how to be intentional with your time so that you can become a big bold action taker outside of this program. 


8 Weeks of Action

Receive 1-on-1 video calls. Starting with the 1-hr. Goal Game Plan. Then attend weekly 20 min. check-in's so whether you have a good, bad, or amazing week, you'll have someone by your side who is invested in your goal & Together we will figure out what your next step is.

This is to show you, I am right there, doing the work right alongside you.

I’ll be working on my own 8 week goal & daily habits and we'll be able to track each other's daily progress in real time using a habit sharing app! 

What You'll Receive

8 Weeks of Accountability & Guidance (8 Total Video Chats) 

Daily Habit Sharing

feature one

feature tw0

Fall asleep with feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and a deep sense of purpose. Go to bed proud of how you spent your day and allow your mind to enter a state of relaxation to prepare you for a well rested sleep. 

Never miss a meeting! Know from the beginning when we will meet and sign an agreement to ensure we are both committed to showing up on those days. 
You'll also receive the Daily Roadmap, your daily planning sheet to help you be intentional with your time. 

Nighttime Gratitude Meditation (11 mins) 

Commitment Contract, Call Calendar & Daily Roadmap (PDF)

feature four

feature five

Use this audio to wake up each morning, connect with your vision, and move into your day with strong intentions. Get your mind ready for daily action by listening to this quick morning meditation. 

Morning Affirmations & Vision Visualization (5 min. audio) 

feature Three


Personalized Guidance Week to Week (Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle of another FB Group) 

How does this sound?

Peace of mind you have someone other than yourself invested in your daily growth to ensure consistent goal progression



Benefits of Working Together 1-on-1

Learn from someone who invested over $15,000 in coaching, online education, and books last year alone


Access what I've learned from some of the best minds in entrepreneurship, marketing, & mindset,
like my business coach (Google’s #1 ranked entrepreneur coach) Bri Seeley, Jenna Kutcher, Pat Flynn, & Dean Graziosi to name a few) 


Work closely with someone who knows the in’s and out’s of accountability groups, partnerships, & programs (I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t stick) 


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
-Chinese Proverb

"Let's Plant Those Seeds Now."

— Caitlin

"I had the pleasure of meeting bi-weekly with Caitlin in 2020. I was continuously in awe of how she managed her time as a busy mom and how she kept moving forward in pursuit of her goals despite a wild year of uncertainty."


"Caitlin makes you feel like you can do anything."

I'm Caitlin,
author, entrepreneur, 
& mindful mama.

My mission: to create positive change in the lives of 1 million people through the power of Presence. 

Mindfulness saved my life and led me into a life long journey of self-exploration. Now, I pass along tips of wisdom through intimate courses & the Mapping Through Life podcast. 

hey there!

I was just a "dreamer" who liked to make plans. . . 

After getting pregnant in college, I knew upon graduation I would be diving head first into entrepreneurship but I had no idea what that would look like.

When I first got started money was tight. I invested in a few online courses like a 30-day website building challenge, how to become an amazon seller, and how to create an online course. 

I kept thinking, this is it! This will make me successful. I would watch the lessons, start implementing and then... "squirrel". I would come across something else that excited me.

Sadly it took me a couple years to really stick with something. Then after our second was born, my partner and I began real estate investing. It was so rewarding to help homeowners out of a difficult situation & give them a fresh start. 

We were able to invest our earnings back into ourselves to hire coaches in real estate and entrepreneurship & that's when things really started to happen. 

The more help, guidance, & accountability that we layered into our lives, the more actions we took, and the more accomplished we felt. 

You can do it on your own. but you can do it 10x faster with a little bit of help

I wasn't always
an action taker. . . 

Can I start this program at anytime? 

Yes! Simply complete the payment form or contact me directly at to let me know when you want to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will our weekly call be?

Our weekly meeting will be the same day and time each week.
Upon joining you will receive a calendar link to schedule our 1st call. In our first call we will determine our re-occurring meeting time. 

What if I can't make our weekly check-in? 

If you cannot meet at our scheduled time, you may send me a voice memo, email, or video message to provide me with a recap of your week and I will respond to you with suggestions for your focus of the week ahead. 

What if I can't start now? Will this program open again?

Space is limited each enrollment period to ensure I meet the needs of each participant fully.

Is This Right
For You?

You have “too many ideas” and need help getting started 

You've tried in the past to take on too much too fast & became overwhelmed

You know what you want you just need encouragement & Guidance to get there

You're so tired of "Starting" & Never "Finishing" 

you're ready to Hear Yourself Say:
“I did _____ & I am so proud of myself for what I have created/ completed in just 8 short weeks.”

Let me be honest here. 
You can find all of this for free...

I want to see you make it to the finish line!
I am committed & invested in Your Goal.

It's true. You can totally find free printables, meditations, and an accountability partner online for free... There's just one teeny, tiny problem. We are far less likely to stay committed to our goal if we do not associate it with taking a physical action, such as making a purchase. 
So there is a reason why this is a paid program.

Let's Hop Into Action!

Ready to do something big?

Be the first to know when enrollment opens again!

This is the only program where I provide 1-on-1 Support & it ONLY opens up 4 times a year!! 

Join the waitlist for next quarter. I'll send you updates about our next enrollment period :)

Thanks! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

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I completely understand. Investing in yourself is hard to do but I promise it is
So Worth it. Send me your questions, let's work through those fears!

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