Loss, pain, rejection. All resulting in feelings of confusion, fear, scarcity.

We fall down. We get banged up. Stub our toes. We are human.

Humans get hurt. We lose people, things, ideas. Things that we really loved.

When these pain points occur, it’s easy to get stuck or trapped there.

Whether accidentally, or somewhat knowingly, you have been blocking the next best version of yourself.

You have been holding onto certain limiting beliefs, fears, and thought patterns that no longer serve your mind.

Day by day, sit with your thoughts. Without judgment. Without the labeling of every little thing. Begin to open up space between thoughts.

Suddenly, you begin to expand and open up more doors to the new version of you.

You’ll catch yourself being kinder, more patient with others.  Sitting in curiousity while waiting in line instead of staring at your phone.

Your life starts to feel more open, lighter. A sense of peace starts to replace stories of discontent. Those limiting stories become far and few between.

Your heart grows every single day. Finding more joy in the finer details of life.

You’ll catch all the little things you might have missed in another life.

But in This life.

In this life, you have the courage.

You have the courage and the power to open up your heart as wide as possible.

Allow your heart to let in more love and light than ever before.

Take 3 deep breaths in.

Now. Speak out loud in a strong confident breath.

I love myself. I wake up everyday being the best version of myself because I and the people who surround me, need me to be the best version of ME, TODAY.

You already have everything you need inside of you to Give and Receive the kind of love you want in your life.

Now comes the tough part.

Implementing daily practices that will help you stay consistent with opening up to light.

It’s not something that is one and done.

It requires commitment, patience, and persistence. All 3 of those things are really really hard to live out.

Successful commitment to growing your confidence will require a few things:


-Accountability with more than one person close to you

-Choosing to say Yes, to Life. Whatever life brings you.

Choose One thing to say Yes to, Today.

Then tomorrow, choose one more.

Open up little by little

Open up to one more little thing that excites you.

Open up to more hugs and I love you’s.

Open up to singing loudly in your car.

Open up to all things that feel light, silly, or like a very safe place called home.

Open up to giving more than you ever dreamt was possible to give.

You have the courage. Your heart is opening, one day at a time.

Be patient, my friend.