We’ve all heard it. We’ve heard about morning routines, daily rituals, or nightly practices. The name you use to explain the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before bed does not matter.

It’s WHAT you Do during this time that Matters a great deal more.

Let’s Start Here:

Read through Day 1 and Day 2 carefully. Pay attention to the way each day makes you feel.

Day 1: You roll out of bed upon the 3rd snooze. You rush to ready, your eyes still half shut. You check your phone. You feel behind. You jump into one thing after another for hours. You finally take a breath and wonder how the day is half over. You still feel behind even though you’ve felt busy all morning. You get frustrated, disappointed and begin to close down for the day. Sulking into tiredness and uncertainty about how to salvage the day. You run through the motions of winding down at night. You spend more time looking at a screen and eventually decide to call it a night.

Day 2: You wake up alert and thankful. Breathing deeply, you begin to move around. You begin to sit for a moment in silence with yourself. Sitting in gratitude for another day to life. You take some time to nourish your mind, body, and soul. You clear your thoughts to identify the one thing you could do to change your life today. You set out to do it.
You come to mid-day feeling, happy, grateful, and accomplished. You move through the afternoon peacefully. You exchange positive interactions with the people around you. You stay active and present in your surroundings. You end the day in reflection. Taking note of things noticed, lessons learned, and memories made. You sink into a deep state of restoration that will allow you to wake renewed.

Which day felt lighter to you? Would you like to have more Day 1’s or more Day 2’s in your life?

Now, lets talk specifics:


Coming from someone who struggled for many years to “become a morning person”….

Here are a few things I can’t live without each morning:

A glass of water

A few minutes of silence

A few moments to visualize a plan for the day

There are a few more items I choose to add in most mornings such as reading, writing, exercise. When time is limited, the short list of three above is my Bare Minimum Morning.

One of the biggest game-changers for my morning mindset was reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This will always be one of my favorite books to recommend. Hal does a fantastic job of teaching you how to build a healthy morning foundation that will work for you by sharing inspirational personal stories from his own life.