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A life audit is an in depth look at each area of your life. We’ll dive deep into 14 areas of life. You'll discover what's going well and what isn't. 
At the end of this exercise you will have a clear picture of your life as it stands right now. The ultimate goal of the life audit is to help you confidently determine what actions to take next to both reach your goals and more importantly bring in more feelings of happiness and purpose. 

What is a life audit?

If you’ve NEVER done a life audit, DO IT!
You will learn so much about yourself. 

If you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed or something just feels a little off but you’re not sure what it is, this will bring the clarity you need. 

 If you feel like you've been stuck running through the daily motions of life and you want to change things up but you aren't sure what to do next. . . this will definitely help you get started!!

If you're approaching or have recently encountered a big change in your life and need to reset your focus, this will align your new path forward with your big dreams. 

If you've set goals but feel like you're not making progress towards them consistently, the second half of the workbook breaks down your big goals into tiny daily steps and shows you how to stay accountable

Or, if you already love self-discovery and want to deeper your understanding of your life as it is now and clarify what you want for your future. . . Discover & Dream through this workbook!

Do you need a life audit?

Here are some signs you could benefit from this right now:


Align Your Life & 

Build a Plan of Action

Complete Your Life Audit in 7 Steps. Worksheets to help you assess, visualize, reflect, & break down your goals into simple daily actions.

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