Whether I like it or not, often, the expectations I have for a situation, define the outcome.

It can be as simple as a single thought of doubt, telling me I will not accomplish my daily task, I fail to complete it that day. Or sometimes it can be bigger than that. I can’t shake the feeling of letting someone else down so instead, I let myself down.

These kind of results, good and bad, are comprised of the thoughts we chose to fill our minds with each day.

Although it isn’t always clear, (and definitely a little foggy before early, morning coffee), I can see it. I can see my life. My vision has been cleared. This newly acquired clarity resulted from changing only one thing in my process of thought.

This change in your thinking will bring you new capabilities.

Do you want to know what you must learn in order to find this clarity?

You have to learn how to expect, nothing.

I know that sounds a little weird. Take that last part in for a second. Maybe go back, and read it a second time.

I haven’t always succeeded at finding clarity when I needed it the most. And even still, there are just some days when it feels like there is a solid layer of ice, frozen over my vision.

I admit, I am still learning how to make those frozen days warmer. But I have felt a rise in temperature so I think that means I am on the right track!

The days I set myself up with no expectations look a little something like this. I deep clean the whole house, knock three things off my to do list, squeeze in some time to read and write. Come the end of the day, I look back, and I have surprised myself.

I don’t set myself up to fail to a bunch of high expectations that are impossible to complete in a single day.

Instead, I chose to see where the day takes me. I get productive things marked off my lists, not because I have to, but because I chose to.

It took me a long time to understand that not all days can be as productive as we want them to be. And that it is okay on those days when things don’t go your way! We are human. We are constantly growing.
I invite you to be open to the idea of having no expectations for this site. Have an open mind and an open heart about what this site can bring to you.

I am only human, so at least I can relate to you on that level. So, whether you are a student who stumbled upon my pinterest for my perfect packing tips, or you are a mother who comes across my product review page for my most trusted and functional favorites, or you are a person of any age, who struggles with controlling their thoughts in a positive direction.

Whoever you are, I’m here for you. I want to learn from you. I want to share with you.

You will find nothing on my site useful for you if you set yourself up with that expectation.

However, with that no expectation policy, that open mind and open heart. I have a feeling I just might be able to surprise you every now and then. Or possibly every month, or every week?

In the present, I feel it necessary to follow this policy. Mostly due to the fact that I am scared to set an expectation and then I let someone down.

There are a few things I can promise to you:

1.) I promise to always share my perspective and opinions in an honest and respectful way.
2.) I promise to appreciate your opinions and perspectives when they are different from my own!
3.) I promise to always follow my path with an open mind and an open heart, so you know it is honest and true.

Although I cannot commit to any set expectations for this site, currently, I can confidently share with you my personal mission and vision statements.

( I do reserve the right to alter or update these statements at anytime. As a reminder, life is constantly changing, And I am growing with it.)

Now. After sticking through all of that, I commend you. I would like to think if you made it to the end of here, you have an open mind.

I would also like to think you have an open heart that I was able to relate to or connect with in some way…

If either of those things are true, you may enjoy sticking around to see what I surprise you with.

There are some big plans in the works. Stick around a while to see what I surprise myself with next!

❤ Always Here,