About two years ago, I made it my mission to understand myself. Here’s a little about what I have discovered.

Like you, I wear many different hats throughout the day. When trying to pinpoint my personal title, I had difficulty. Primarily, I am a daughter/ partner/ mother/ sister/ best friend/ granddaughter. But what am I professionally?

This professional title used to mean a lot to me. Now? Not so much.

Since the beginning of Kindergarten and up until now, I have carried the title Student. In May of this year, I added the title of Graduate to my list. However, I have made the choice to carry the name Student throughout life.

Professionally, I want to learn from the world. I want to learn from you.

Like most of us, I am someone who has a multitude of interests and passions. With my recent college graduation, I faced a career decision. This decision involved choosing between two paths. The first, a steady income in exchange for most of my precious time. Or the second and less traveled. A path of uncertainty full of exploring a variation of odd jobs that would allow me the freedom to control my own life.

That face right there. It made my decision a no brainer. Every morning as I sit and feed my daughter her giggly breakfast, I can see it. I can see the vision of my life. Emma’s laugh creates the light that I need to read my map of life.

All too often, many of us, myself included, get caught up in the hustle and bustle of today’s, tomorrow’s, and next year’s to do’s that we lose sight…completely.

We can lose sight of who we are because we are too “busy” living outside of the present moment. I realized that I couldn’t possibly lead myself in the direction of my dreams if I was not going to actively engage myself in my own life.

I truly believe that we can all make our dreams become a reality.  By focusing only my positive energy into the present moment, I aim to prove that anyone can accomplish their dreams. No matter how big, or small.

Now, I must confess a little secret to you. I am still learning the pathways of my life.

Thanks to the inspiration from people like Tim Ferris, Jessica Larrew, Allie Cazazza, and many other influential entrepreneurs out there, I have chosen my own path. I am determined to prove to myself that I can go after anything I want. I want to share with you, my map through life.


Right about now, you might be thinking, “Hmph, another “entrepreneur”, just getting by on odds and end jobs to pursue her “passions” because she can’t commit to a “real” job.”

Well, I will admit. Those things may hold true for the moment. After many conflictions with the title, I have come to terms with titling myself an entrepreneur.

Why do I give myself this title?  A few weeks ago, I found myself trying to explain to my Uber rider what I did for work. Uber rider? Yes. Just one of the “odds and end” jobs I have utilized. (To hear about My Experience as a Female Uber Driver click here)

Anyways, when my rider asked me what I did for work, I found myself in an explanation like this, “Uhm, it’s a little complicated. I am currently driving for a promotional bonus, I dabble in Amazon selling, I just began an online business…” Mid-ramble, my rider interrupts to say, “Oh I see! You’re an entrepreneur!”

And then it hit me. YES. Yes, I am.

After receiving a business degree from San Diego State, I am no stranger to the word, entrepreneur. Yet for some reason, it was not until a complete, stranger titled me an entrepreneur, had I considered to call myself one.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before. Now that I think about it, I have been displaying signs of entrepreneur-ism since early childhood. From bake sales, car washes, pet sitting, cleaning service, girl scout cookies… I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

For too long, the image I held of myself as just an average girl from a small town made me feel like there was something wrong with not wanting to choose the security of the first path.

I will not be committing to a standard 9-5 job because I simply, do not want to.

I want to continue traveling around the globe with my loved ones. That is what I do want.


Now you’re thinking, well you’re still working a mish-mash of “jobs” to get what you want, so why should I follow you?

I am currently taking steps to automate money making. Along the way, I want to share with you.

I want to share with you, my successes, and failures so you can replicate those same successes and AVOID my failures.

I want to share with you tips and tools that will help boost positive change in your life.

I want to bring you ways to organize your life so you can gain control over your own precious time.

I will be partaking in product/ service/ and informational experiments to test the most practical, functional, and convenient options in the market. From the best ways to make money online, to a quick and healthy recipe for dinner, or effective ways to clear your mind at the end of the day, I will share them with you.

Consider me your guinea pig experiment. Follow along to learn with me, what life has to offer us. If you chose not to follow, I understand completely.

At this moment, I am just a start up with some “adventurous vision”. But who knows, maybe within the next 3-5 years, you will be seeing my name on Forbes Top 30 Under 30. (This is one of the BIG dreams.)

And wouldn’t it be cool to say to one of your friends, “Hey, I remember reading about her when she was just getting started. Wow, look how far she’s come!”

Top 30 Under 30, I am trying for you! Just like my Uber rider from England said to me in his English accent, “If not now, when?! Go for it!”

So that is exactly what I am doing. Ready or not, here I am. Mapping through life, day by day.

❤ Always Here,


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