Make Your Why Stronger than your excuses.

I was 22, walking across the stage with a 9-month old baby on my hip. We did it. We graduated college. Now what?

"What would happen if I didn't get a 9-5?" "What if I took control of my time and went for my dreams now?" There were so many unknowns...
The only thing I knew: My Why

The unknown journey began...
things got real & exciting! 

I fell into mindfulness out of need and desperation. And entrepreneurship has been in my bones since my first days of driveway bake sales and car washes. Combine that with “growing up” really fast... It’s been a wild ride, and an exciting one. Self-discovery became a passion; as I continued to evolve, so did the vision for my business. After a long search, I discovered my super power.

My superpower is living slow in the fast lane…
I am the most laid-back, hyper-driven person you will ever meet.

I believe you can make change. You want to. I know you do. You’re just not sure how… yet!

Listen, when I very first started Mapping Through Life, it was a disaster! I didn’t know a single thing about online business and I fell for everything! But the good part about being really curious is that I fell into a lot of really good things too.

I followed a path that allowed me to find myself as an individual, a partner, a mother and a friend. It showed me what was truly important to “me”. More importantly, it helped me create the brand of my dreams, one aligned with deep purpose.

My Promise to My Kids 
I will never give up. I am determined to consciously create a sustainable life. Dedicated to presence first, learning second, and love always.
You can count on me to surprise you with new experiences, and nourish you as you grow.
I will share with you what I know to be good and true. Should I find a better way or fail at what I try, I Promise to share it all with you.

I'm all about:

Loving the little moments. 

community values:

Presence, Intention, Courage, 
Kindness Exploration, Determination

favorite quote:

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” 

gratitude for you:

Thank you for being here. You are here for a reason.  

What are you dreaming of?





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so much gratitude 

Super Fans By: Pat Flynn

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My Favorite Things

First moments. New views, cities, milestones. "First's" are always special.

my happy place!

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Being outside. Mother Earth is my BFF. From the coast, to the mountaintops, & every waterfall pool in between. 

Quality time. It's my love language. Wherever we are together. I am home. 

My Favorite Things

Connecting. Skip the surface stuff. Deep life talks are my specialty. 

my guilty pleasure

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Long walks. My favorite way to practice presence. Space to breathe, listen, & think. 

Learning. A good book, cat in my lap, drinking something warm. Ahh. . . Perfect. 

The full-story from depressed and fearful into driven and full of life. This is where I share the deepest parts of the "messy" transformation. Discover what it really takes to become a present-loving being and a powerful entrepreneur parent all without losing your sense of self.

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A Reminder for You Today: 

You already have everything you need to be a change maker. 

Start being
in each moment. 

Watch Your World Grow

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Thank you. Thank you for being here today.
However you stumbled upon this page, I know you were meant to land here. We were meant to connect. I can’t wait to see our relationship grow!

If you made it this far…