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Featuring books and articles about Personal Growth, 
Intentional Living, Entrepreneurship, Health, & Parenting

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Whether you’re working, teaching your kids, or trying to make sense of this weird world we live in. . . feel grounded. Learn how to find peace in your mind even when life around you seems. . . questionable.

How to Enjoy Every Moment 

How to Create Sustainable Habits 

Creating real change is tough work. You need a why, a plan, and lot’s of support! Here, you’ll connect with the coaches and teammates who will fuel your journey as you create positive change in your life.

what you'll learn here: 

How to Align Lifestyle With Purpose

This is where you really start to feel Alive. You spend your time living a life that excites you! What you think, what you say and what you do are in alignment with what you believe in your heart to be true.


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I'm Caitlin.
Author, Entrepreneur,
Mindful Mama, &
Your Guide to Living A Sustainable Life

The short story: Mindfulness saved my life. Motherhood gave me my WHY.
Entrepreneurship aligned with my desire for freedom and my mission to create a sustainable lifestyle world-wide. Now, here we are. 

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This show was created for two main reasons:
1. To support the authors and brands who are dedicated to creating positive change in the world.
2. Share powerful pieces of wisdom to help You find more peace, joy and abundance right Now.

It may have started with my love for reading… Now it serves leaders and students of all shapes and sizes. 

Sharing Weekly Wisdom

Receive lessons from author's around the world. Each week the podcast/blog is updated with something new for you to grow from. 
I appreciate the heck out of your time.
I promise to only send you the really good stuff :) 

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Struggling to Balance Parenthood & Work?

In this guide, I share the ONE thing that allows me to be Both:
Yes! It is possible to be BOTH without losing your sense of self or your sanity! Grab this guide to learn about the one thing that brings me peace, joy, and clarity each day. 

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