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Welcome Change MAkers 

I see you out there. Showing up everyday, in one way or another. Working really hard to make amazing products, services, and resources that help others create real transformations in their lives, businesses, relationships, and well-being.
You are a true role model and inspiration. Leading with your values and your mission, you are working to build a life of impact that will be felt for many generations to come.

Someone who actively works to create positive change for themselves, others, and the world.  

the really good news:

You don't have to do it alone.

Change Maker:

Ways to Work Together

Have Your Message or Product Shared on The Mapping Through Life Podcast/Blog

Featured Partner

Need a guest for your show or event?
I Love Sharing Mindful Tips on How to Show Up Fully As an Entrepreneur & Parent. Let's Chat!

meaningful conversations

Need people for your launch team or have an idea for a project and need a partner?
I'd love to hear about it!

Collab on Something new!

I was sitting in a room of nearly 400 people as we laughed at our fears.
Then it hit me.

For several years I worked tirelessly to grow my vision. I took courses, read books, attended events but I was missing something. 
It took a room full of 400 people laughing to wake me up to this:
I am not alone.
The vision I have is a vision shared by many. We want to create a positive, loving, sustainable future while loving the life we live now. 

When i realized we are all in this Life Thing together

NOW I KNOW the secret to growing a vision to life:


We're On The Same Team

sharing our knowledge

Whether it's helping people discover more about themselves, how to grow a sustainable business, or the best life hacks for the home, you work hard to share what you know. 

Breaking limiting beliefs 

You have a gift. You have successfully implemented new ways of thinking into your life to create true transformations. Now, you feel it is your responsibility to uplift and open the minds of others.

encouraging people to find their own way

You know your path. You are in tune with your Why and you are committed to showing up everyday to live your own way. By doing so, you inspire everyone else around you. 

 "None of us, including me, ever do great things.
But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."

– Mother Teresa

You're a coach who specializes in mindset, personal growth, or entrepreneurship 

Does this sound like You?

You're A Mompreneur On A Mission With A Message to Share



If so, you'll fit right in with our partners!

You're an author who writes about intentional living, healthy habits, or mental well-being


You Have A Product That Serves As A Sustainable Solution to a Problem


You are an educator or course creator helping others through a step-by-step process


Living Big Through Small Moments, Fueled By Lot's of Coffee, Morning Me Time & Baby Giggles

Whether I am narrating on the podcast or being interviewed as a guest,
here's what you can expect from me:
I speak passionately about presence, purpose, and creating change.
I openly discuss the beautiful, messy moments of life as an entrepreneur parent.
 I am committed to growing a sustainable way of life, world-wide. 

I'm just your average mama on a mission

The future is in our hands

Are We in Alignment?

You are a conscious creator

You put service first 

You bring people joy & Abundance

You dream big and act boldly

you are committed to a life of learning

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