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"Permission to leap" 
By: Bri Seeley 
"How to become emotionally invincible" By: Hal Elrod
"How to Execute A Big Idea When You Think You Don't Have The Time" 
By: Life and Whim
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I don't believe in coincidences. It was a random Tuesday in January of 2018. During my daughter’s nap time, I made an instagram post, titled “Thankful for the gift of vision.” That same afternoon I received an email with a subject line “What are you doing tonight?” and an invitation for a spontaneous meet up in LA over two hours away from me. I thought about my schedule for that evening, how it included changing diapers, making dinner and cleaning up. At first, I was quick to dismiss the idea of driving to LA because it meant i would have to get a babysitter last minute and sit in traffic for several hours. Just before my daughter my woke up, I laid on the floor for a few minutes of meditation. As I laid there, I received a message. “Go.” the voice said. “Go where?” I asked back. . . “Go to LA tonight. There is someone you need to meet.” 

At the time, I was still very unsure of why I was there and how i would know if and when I met the person I needed to meet. Just before leaving, I met a woman named Bri. We got to talking and she told me about her recently published book, Permission to Leap: the six phase journey to bring your vision to life. 

I told Bri about my instagram post from earlier in the day, being thankful for the gift of vision. She told me, she didn't believe in coincidences, how she almost didn't come out that night but since it was right down the street from where she lived, she thought “why not pop in for a minute, maybe theres someone i need to meet”. 

Over two and a half years later, a lot has changed for both of us. Bri has been showing up and serving others day after day in the things she creates, the space she holds for others, and most importantly, by demonstrating how to show up every day as your unapologetic self. 

I learned a lot from Bri long before we “officially” started to work together. From her transformative book, free trainings, and meditations, Bri serves your growth as an individual and an entrepreneur. Her inside / out approach was the number one reason I chose to work with Bri at the beginning of 2020. 

Meeting Bri has allowed me to open up to being my own unapologetic self as an entrepreneur. I am so excited to bring you a piece of wisdom that really ignited my vision for the future and gave me the courage to brave the unknown ahead. 

Bri thank you very much for your permission to feature an excerpt from Permission to Leap: The Six-Phase Journey to Bring Your Vision to Life. Now, get ready to leap, you’re in for something special! 

Bri Seeley is Google’s Number 1 ranked entrepreneur coach. She has also recently launched something brand new. The Unapologetic Entrepreneur. A membership community for entrepreneur women who want to become financially free, on their terms, while sharing their gifts to create an impact in the world. 

Bri works with established and emerging businesses using her extensive knowledge to increase their impact, laser-focus their vision, streamline their systems and boost their profits. Her Zone of Genius lies in being a Visionary Architect – she can not only see the one-of-a-kind vision you want to create, but she will also help you build it and bring it to life by utilizing your values, vision and zone of genius. 

*What it means to take a leap

*How to handle the emotions and fears that surface during the leap process

*What it means to be a Creator, Participant, or Spectator in life 

*How to have patience with the process of bringing your vision to life

*The importance of showing up everyday no matter what

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"Permission to Leap"



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