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"How to Execute A Big Idea When You Think You Don't Have The Time" 
By: Life and Whim
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Being 5-10 years younger than most other parents with children of similar age, I found it very difficult to connect with other parents. But age was only a small part of it, really. 

In actuality, it had little to do with age and more to do with finding parents who held similar values. Slowly, I began to find more parents that were following a “non-traditional” life/ parenting path. I was drawn to parent’s who valued quality time over titles and achievements. I began to find wonderful writers who inspired other parents to create a life of adventure with your kids. To be a role model for your kids and to show them how to be a present parent. 

I was first introduced to Life and Whim several years ago through one of my favorite curated blogs, No Sidebar. While reading the featured piece I couldn’t help but think “This writer gets it.” “They understand the kind of life I want to create.” “They understand how to live Big through little moments.” 

I followed the link to the Life and Whim website and consumed several pieces from the blog. Each one helped me feel purposeful, ready to take action, but most importantly, I felt they gave me permission to do more of the things that brought joy into my life, instead of doing things I thought I “should be doing.” 

Life and Whim is run by husband and wife, Jay and Heather Harrington. Through their blog and lifestyle they encourage a life full of first moments and family connection. Between work and home demands this year we may feel more worn out and disconnected than ever. If you’re waiting for things to “settle down” before you begin working on your next Big thing. . . Don't. 

Don’t wait! 

This episode is going to show you just how possible it is to pursue your next big goal, right now. Jay and Heather, thank you very much for your permission to feature “How to Execute A Big Idea When you Think you Don’t have the time”. 

Life and Whim is run by husband and wife, Jay and Heather Harrington. Through their blog and lifestyle they encourage a life full of first moments and family connection. Their work together as a family inspires others to create meaningful moments for their communities. 

Being a part of their community you will find tons of resources on how to utilize creativity to enhance your life or to share your ideas with others. Find helpful tips on how to have outside adventures with your family and more intentional living practices. Allow their guidance to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed about. "Living Big Through Small Moments". 

*About the disconnect between the goals we have and the everyday action we actually take

*The first step to accomplish your Big ideas

*How to evaluate our time and get clear on where we spend it

*To accept the tradeoffs or sacrifices required to achieve your goal

*The importance of deconstructing our goal into daily actions 

Dive deep into the episode to learn:

"How to Execute a Big Idea When 
(You Think) You Don’t Have the Time"



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