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"Permission to leap" 
By: Bri Seeley 
"How to become emotionally invincible" By: Hal Elrod
"How to Execute A Big Idea When You Think You Don't Have The Time" 
By: Life and Whim
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Before getting started on anything new. . . there’s always some ground work to put in.

That groundwork is your mindset. A mindset consists of your intentions and how you show up. A big part of your mindset is the mental prep work you put in behind the scenes to get you ready for what you need to do. And then we use our mindset to take the final leap into action and get started with something new.

Samantha at Simply Well Coaching spells out 4 crucial steps that help you create a new mindset. So whether you’re ready to start a new habit, begin a new business venture, or become more patient in your relationships, you’ll first need to cultivate a healthy mindset around your new goal or way of being. This episode will help you do just that!

Samantha @ Simply Well Coaching helps driven women slow down so they can ditch stress without the guilt and shift into an abundant life of balance, joy, and confidence.
Sam passionately serves her community inside of her facebook group where she provides weekly live coaching, free challenges and guest interviews to enhance your personal development.

* Four crucial steps needed to up-level your mindset.

* How to identify your current starting point aka your current identity

* How to use visualization to imagine who you want to be and start building a relationship with your future self

* The 3 forms of our environment and how to cultivate a supportive environment.

* Why writing a list of potential positive actions will help move you closer to your desired state of being

* Read More From the Simply Well Coaching Blog

* Get Started With: 8-Weeks of Action 

* Join Samantha’s Facebook Group: We Thrive: Balanced Joyful Living Community

* Follow Samantha on Instagram @simplywellcoaching

* “4 Steps To A New Mindset” Original Post

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"4 Steps To A New Mindset" 

It’s not your willpower or lack of motivation holding you back: it may be, your mindset

@ Simply Well Coaching 

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